life changing crystal

I just discovered this crystal right outside my window. It’s the best thing yet. It is absolutely life changing. I can’t say the same for my coffee. That’s where I live. It’s terrible and I’ve lost the taste. But the crystal is absolutely life changing.

The crystal is made from the same mineral that is used to make the glass of my coffee and it looks like a little cube of glass that you would be able to use to look into your drink. It is even said that the mineral is life altering because of how it affects your body. It is said to cause people to feel sleepy and to be more alert in the morning because the minerals in your blood are altered.

The crystal is also said to cause people to be more attracted to their friends, which is probably why I’m single. It also supposedly gives you clairvoyance, which means you learn about other people by staring at them for a while. It also supposedly allows you to see invisible things and has a healing effect. I am not sure it is the real deal, but its definitely life changing.

The crystal itself is actually an anti-stress drug, which can also help people feel less stressed and less alert. It is also said to prevent the use of pesticides and can also cause seizures. It’s also said to be a powerful calming agent that can also be used as a remedy for insomnia.