sandalwood and sage

The most beautiful thing in the world is the sandalwood (Myrrhis odorata) that grows wild in the Sahara desert. The tiny, spiky, green leaves are a favorite in Moroccan and Tunisian restaurants. They are also a traditional gift for the summer.

So not only is the aroma of sandalwood a favorite in Moroccan and Tunisian restaurants, but it is also a traditional gift for a summer holiday in the United States. It is a common scent for weddings and it is also one of the essential oils used by aromatherapists.

So the idea of a scent that is indigenous to each part of the world is a rare one. But one that is indigenous to the entire world is even more rare. It’s an idea that needs to be spread because it can’t be spread otherwise. I mean, if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that if you can’t spread it, then it’s gone.

The most common scent of sage is to the point of stinging. It’s a natural mixture of the three essential oils. In the United States, it is the best. You can find hundreds of different varieties of sage in stores and we can go right to them to experience them. In North America, sage is not the most common, but it is the one of the most sought after oils. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you love it.

Sage is a common component of lotions, so if you have a lot of it in your house, it’s a good idea to use it. I always buy my sage from the market. I have a few different brands that I love. Its the kind of thing that, if you go to a hardware store, you’ll find in the back.

The only place my sage comes from is the market. The rest of my sage is from my mom’s garden. I have to do a lot of growing in my mom’s garden and then we have to take it to the market for her to sell. All the seeds that I get are usually from her or the kids so its always a struggle to get the sage. I keep an eye on my mom’s garden because its a lot of work to get the sage and to keep it alive.

Sage is something that you don’t want to keep in the house, but you don’t want it to rot either. Sage is a plant that’s very easy to grow and really provides that wonderful fresh fragrance in your home. I think the only way that you can really grow sage is in a kitchen garden or a herb garden.

Sage can be grown in a garage or a yard. I think it’s the last thing on your mind when you think of it. I would rather have a garden or a house in my garage than a yard or garage.

Sage is not necessarily a plant that you should be keeping in the house. Sage is actually actually a plant that is not edible. Some people will eat it, but some people will actually put it in a drink. I don’t know about you, but I have to keep a bottle of sage on hand, and I don’t want to get it mixed up with my liquor.